Flying The Military 

Civil Reserve Air Fleet  C.R.A.F.

This page is very special to me.
In my new Flying career after leaving Continental Airlines I am now working for another airline and
all I do is fly men and women to their deployments all over the world.The best part about my job is bringing our "Heroes"  home to the USA...
Most of these photos are from my personal collection from the flights I flew at Continental.
My first flight was
"Desert Storm".

"Desert Shield"

These next set of photos are from a special trip i did to Kuwait and back to the USA

"Getting Ready For Kuwait"

"Its Time To Go"

"No Shortage of pilots here"

"We Have Arrived"

"Kuwait 2003"

"Kuwait 2016"

""Getting Ready To Leave Kuwait"

First Stop New Jersey USA
"Welcome Home"

"The Final Leg Home"

"Made Me So Proud To Be An American"

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