Continental Airlines
Flight 603
Los Angeles - Honolulu
Los Angeles International Airport
March 1, 1978
DC10-10 Ship   #N68045
Continental Flight 603 (Los Angeles - Honolulu) received clearance to taxi to runway 06R at 09:01. At 09:22 the flight was cleared to taxi into position and hold. Takeoff clearance was given a minute later, but the crew delayed the acknowledgment, because the captain thought the clearance was given too soon after a heavy jet aircraft had made its takeoff. Acceleration was normal, but while approaching the V1 speed (156 knots) a loud "metallic bang" was heard, followed by a quivering. As rejected takeoff procedures were begun, the airspeed continued to increase to 159 knots. The aircraft appeared to be decelerating normally, but with 2000 feet of runway remaining, the flight crew became aware that the rate of deceleration had decreased and they believed that the aircraft would not be able to stop on the runway. The aircraft was steered to the right and departed the right corner of the runway end. About 100 feet beyond the runway, the left main gear broke through the nonload-bearing tarmac surface and failed. A fire erupted in this area as the aircraft turned to the left, coming to rest 664 feet from the runway end and 40 feet right of the extended centreline in a 11deg left wing low and 1,3deg nose-up attitude.


 "The sequential failure of two tyres on the left main landing gear and the resultant failure of another tire on the same landing gear at a critical time during the take-off roll. These failures resulted in the captain's decision to reject the take-off."

The Cockpit Crew
Captain - Charles E. Hersche
First Officer - Michael J. Provan
Second Officer - John K. Olsen

The Flight Attendants

Judy Blair - Louise Buchanan - Mary Dahse - Norma Heape - Betty Lietz
Carole Mason - Marcia Wagner - John Woodman - Lori Yang
Inflight Supervisor - J.Fred Winkler

"Judy Blair" receiving commendation from "Robert F.Six"

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