Continental Nostalgia   

"Nostalgia" is a sentimentality for the past, a yearning for a period or place
     with happy personal associations.


"In The Beginning"

"Howard Hughes"   "Walter T. Varney"
Varney Air Transport Lockheed Vega

The Continental Airlines Vega

William Ehmer , Jesse Hart , Jack Weiler

"Avery Black" "Al Cabana" "Marshall Woodworth" "William Ehmer" "Jack Weiler"

O.R. "Ted"  Haueter
Continentals Vice President of Operations

Colorado Govenor "Ralph Carr" and O.R. "Ted" Haueter next to Locheed 14

The last flight of the Loadstar
December 5th  1945

"Stan Shatto"  Chief of maintenance.   Hostess "Peggy Booker" O.R "Ted" Haueter
Retiring the Loadstar  December 5th 1945

Hostess    "Marjorie Dickman"
Denver Stapelton Airfield 1945

Hostess  "Margaret Avery" with the University of  Nevada football team.
"The Flying Wolfpack"  1945

Hostess "Connie Smith"
Wichita  1945

"Bob Bierig"  "Dwight Crippin" "George Cornelius" "Robert Swift"
Station Agents Oklahoma City 1945

Hostess "Doris Powell"

"Jesse Hart"  "Don Davis" "Bill Roberson"
with "Idalene Coleman" Continenal's Original secretary
celebrating Continentals 10 birthday.

"Introducing Gold Carpet Service"
April 28 ,1957

"The Coach Club" DC-7B
Chicago to Los Angeles  1957

Aboard The Lockheed Loadstar


Continental Airlines Pilots Served in WW2 and Stapelton Airport  served as the Flying Fortress modification centre.

Robert F.Six (middle) at Continentals  Denver Modification Center under
the C-97 Stratocruiser  1945.

The photos in this section are from Charles Rogers.
Charles was the station manager at Alamagorda, New Mexico.
He carried a camera with him at all times and took photos on every occasion.
He took the photos of all the movie stars coming through his station.

One day I got an email from Charle's daughter stating that she had found my website while searching
Continental and showed it to Charles....he was so happy to see his past.He called me and told me that he had several of his photos that he had taken over the years and would I like to add them..
I received the photos,scanned them and sent them back....Thank you Charles for your History and Memories.

Charles Rogers

" The Golden Age of Hollywood"
Flew on Continental Airlines

None of these photos of the Stars were ever released to the public.
 They were from the private collection of Charles Rogers, Station Manager Alamagorda,  New Mexico.
------------------------                  ------------------------
    When Humphrey Bogart came down the stairs Charles was not ready with his camera so he asked "Bogie" if he would go back up and so he did..the photo of him is the result.

 Actor         "Humphrey Bogart"   "Casablanca"
" Bogie "  1958

Actor   "Rock Hudson"

Pianist and musician
San Antonio Station Agent 1955

"Raymond Massey" and "Tyrone Power"
with unknown woman. San Antonio 1953

"Bob Hope"
San Antonio station agent "W.T. Sullivan

Actor      "Frank Lovejoy"
San Antonio mid 50s

Actor                      "Vincent Price"

Actor           "Douglas Fairbanks Jr." 
Continental Airlines and American Airlines Interchange flight San Antonio

"Douglas Fairbanks Jr"
Hostesses Unknown

Actress   "Karen Sharpe"

Director  "Alfred Hitchcock"   actress  "Ann Baxter

1958 Vice President Nixon Charter
"Jack Smith"  "Steve Grimes"  "Richard Nixon" " Lee Smith"  " Diane Pullen "
"Barbara Sellers"  "Chuck Collier"

Vice President "Richard Nixon"
Continental Airlines Charter Ft. Dodge, Iowa  1958



Hostess     "Joan Wilcox"

Hostess "Joan Wilcox"

"Joan Wilcox" and  crew unknown

Hostess    "Jan Swindell"

"Charles Bucks"   hostess    "Kay Ames"
onboard the Viscount ll  1958

Hostess    "Charlene Buck"

"Charlene Buck"
Her first flight April 1, 1951

"Captain Gray"  "First Officer Hart"  hostess   "Charlene Buck"


Hostess'es "Dora Webb" (right) and unknown Hostess
wearing the summer uniform  1944


Captain "Rex Buchanan"
Convair Cockpit 1950s

Captain  "Jack Alley"
DC-6b     1950s
"Station San Antonio"
Charles Rogers Station and Alamagordo

Ticket counter at Alamagordo. City code  HMN  (Holloman Air Force Base)

Another View

"Mrs Partin" wife of continental agent  "Gordon Partin"
San Antonio 50s

"Eldon Brown" and Station Manager "Fletch Rainer"
March 1953

"Fletch Rainer"
Station Manager 1950s

"Larry Bishop"   "W.T. Sullivan"  "Woody ??)

"Phil Yates"   "Fletch Rainer"
San Antonio Reservations office  1950s

The Big "D"Hive Dallas Resivations Sales 1960
Left to Right Seated
 "Margaret Witherow" "H.D Doc Groves" "John Bloomfield" "Bob Johnson" "Jim Perkins" "Glen Tedder"
"Mrs Lee Mayer"  Standing left " Glen Riley" assistant reservations supervisor  "Betty Rucker" Dallas supervisor Reservations

Ground Team meets Viscount Crew, Love Field, Dallas November 1960
Left to Right
"Gail Simpson" asst manager customer service  "Pat Williams" hostess supervisor  "Jack Russell" manager customer services
"Max Jacoby" manager flight operations  "La Nell Voigt"  Hostess "Walt Honan" Captain "Joe Sansing"  First Officer

"Dean Stone"  "Fletch Rainer"  "W.T. Sullivan"
American Airlines stairs were used for the interchange service with American  HOU-LAX
Mid 50s

"Fletch Rainer"   "Dean Stone"   "W.T. Sullivan"

"Robert ( Bob ) F. Six"
visits San Antonio Station

"Fletch Rainer" "Bob Six"  "Eldon Brown"
San Antonio Station Inspection 1952

"Bob Six" forth left
Everyone else  was doing station inspection

"Robert F. Six"   and   "W.T.Sullivan" assistant station manager.    right  "C.C.West Jr"

"Brad Barlow"
back to camera "Bob Six" "Dee Niebling" Bob Six's secretary "C.C.West Jr"

"Robert F. Six"  "Fletch Rainer" "Don Kinlein"

"Once again thanks to Charles Rogers for all the photos"

The "HART FAMILY" Legacy

Captain "Jess Hart" one of Varney Speed Lines first pilots
 pinning the flight wings on his son "Bill Hart"

"Bill Hart"         "Jess Hart"

Father and Son
Their First trip flying together 1946

"Continuing the  Hart Family Tradition"
"Bill Hart" married Hostess "La Rue Johnson" and "Pamela Hart" was born

Pamela Hart receiving her wings in 1969.
"Mark Kramer"   "LaRue Hart"   "Vicki Hanes"  "Pam Hart"  "Bill Hart"

            "La RueJohnson"                                "Pamela Hart"                      
1946                                                      1969

This is the only copy of one of  Continentals original planes used on the mail route piloted
by "Captain Jess Hart"

The Ships

Lockheed Vega



The Convair

The Lockheed Loadstar

Continental Airlines DC-3s
Midland Texas

Continental Airlines Vickers Viscount 812
Witchita, Kansas

What The Future aircraft was going to be.
S.S.T   Super Sonic Transport
-----------From My Personal Collection

Unknown Hostess'es
M.A.C.  Milk Maids   1970's

"Audrey Meadows"  "Bob Six"    Actor "Jimmy Durante"
Audrey Meadows was married to Bob Six.She was an actress on the early Television
comedy "The Honeymooners" She eventually designed the interiors for Continentals 747s and DC-10s

"Alexander Damm"
Continentals Senior Vice President

Continental Airlines Hostess "Sherron Goldizen"

Promotional photo of unknown Hostess

Hostess Promotional photo

Hostess promotional photo atop the Empire State Building, New York City

Continental Airlines Hostess Training Class 1968
Hostess Unknown

"Bob Hope"


"The Last Surviving Continental Airlines DC-3"

This DC-3 flew all around the country on promotional tours and
Can be seen in the Lone Star Flight Museum, Galveston,Texas
These photos are of some of Continental Airlines Flight Attendants and Pilots as crew.

"Mike Gibson"   "Vivien Meier"  "Leslie Branam"  "Joe Boyer"

"Vivien and Leslie"

"Roberta Jaeger"

"Norma Heape"

"And The Rest Is History"