Desert Storm 1990

The First Continental Airlines
Memories Published Photo

     Paris, France 2003

   Glenda Pogue , London

        Billy Connelly
     Scottish Commedian

   1976 Three time Gold
 Medal  Olympic Gymnast 
         Nadia  Comaneci


             "Introducing Myself"

  I joined the Continental Airlines Family back in 1984 and  started my flying career as a Flight Attendant where my journey started in the Houston Base. 

I became a  Flight Service Manager when the program was introduced and my first international flight began on the new Houston to London Gatwick Route and after that flight I decided that International Flying was for me.

I decided to transfer to the Honolulu Base in 1989 so that I could fly the Pacific Route and so that I could be home at least once a week in Auckland, New Zealand where       I was from. As you guessed It My first flight was Honolulu to Auckland

                        "THIS BOY WAS FINALLY HOME"..

I eventually became an International Service Manager and transfered back to The Houston International Base after the closing of the Hawaii Base and it was back to the Houston to London flights again and Houston is where I ended my career in 2014. I have left behind Many friends over 30 years, but I still have all these Memories of you all.              

                            "I was proud to work with all of you"



One day at home I wanted to know a little more about the history of  Continental Airlines and its people so I searched the internet and was very amazed that there was very little information available out there.I decided to change that. One day on the flight to London I started taking photos of the crews I was flying with and eventually my collection grew.I decided to share all the photos with others and the easiest way was to create a photo website......Continental Airlines Memories was born in 2005...

Eventually other people started contributing their old photos and I started adding more and more pages. The website grew from 10 photos to over 7,000 and over 30 pages.   To this day I am still getting more and more photos..."keep them coming"

Now finally you can see what it was like at Continental Airlines through this website...         


So Enjoy your Journey in Time..

                        "Chris"   (Kiwi)

         "I Thank you All"















One of the Highlights of my Career. 787 Inaugural       11/8/12

         You all know Alex

            And these Ladies

         Inaugural Crew


             The Guests

            I do Miss This