"Air Mike"

The airline was established by Continental and other regional shareholders in the former U.S. Trust Territory and started operations on May 16, 1968,as Air Micronesia, hence the nickname and call sign "Air Mike". Service was started with a Boeing 727-100,  Ship # 475, which was nicknamed "Ju-Ju," and a Douglas DC-6. It also operated two Grumman SA-16/HU-16 Albatross amphibians to fly from Chuuk (Truk) to Pohnpei (Ponape), until an airfield could be built that could accommodate the 727. The 727's underside was coated with teflon, due to it having to operate oncoral runways. Additionally, the plane had to carry spare parts and a mechanic, as well as open-water survival gear and (beginning in 1975) onboard doppler radar, then a rarity. The airline also operated Boeing 727-100 Combi aircraft models which were capable of transporting freight pallets on the main deck of the jetliner just aft of the cockpit in addition to passengers seated in the rear compartment. By 1983 Continental Micronesia was operating all passenger Boeing 727-100 and 727-200 aircraft in addition to mixed passenger/freight 727-100 Combi aircraft from its Guam hub.


The First Hostess'es

 "Graduation Day"
May 1968

"The Originals"
(Back row first right) Pearl Kelly
(Front row second left) Elaine Tomlinson
May 1968

"Graduation Dinner"

"The First Crew To Fly"

"Paul Ekol"  "Tiger Matthews"  "Dave Streit"  "Pearl Kelly"
"Terry Togawa"  "Joan Rikimesch"  "Ray Brown"

"Elaine Tomlinson"


"Open water ditching training"
April 1968

"Here comes Ju - Ju"

This is the first Boeing 727-100 to fly
 Continental Micronesia nicknamed " Ju-Ju"
N 2475

This was the first jet to land on Truk
It was the biggest event since World War 11

DC-6 on Palau

"Locals taking a tour of the aircraft"

"Customs and Immigration"

SA-16 on Truk

"Tiger Matthews"

"Elaine Tomlinson"  " Terry Togawa"

"Pearl Kelly"      "Tiger Matthews"

"Pearl Kelly"

"Jane Walter"

"Jane Walter"

1973                                                                1975

"Jane Walter"     "Kathy Johnson Kernaghanin"
Narita, Japan 1981

"Jane Walter" (L)

Guam based crew                                                  "Jane"

"Jane Walter"   "Al Roberts"

Jane with the locals

A busy day on Ponape

Landing on Truk

Alaska Airlines in Guam

"Jane Walter"     "Rafaela (Ruffles) Kazuo


"Jack Painter"               "Steve Grimes"
747 Cockpit   1973

"Steve Grimes"          "George Diolake"

"Steve Grimes" 

"Majuro Runway"

Steve Grimes with Majuro Station Manager

Passenger boarding in Truk

Boarding area in Yap with the remains of   N18479 in foreground

"Jimmy Hatcher Caught with the door open"

"Marilee Krinitt"   "Lynda Hilbert"   "Suzanne Hendricks"

"Marilee Krinitt"          "Lydia Hilbert" 

"H.H.Harvey"   "Ed Brown"   "Tiger Matthews"   "George Childers"
with the Chief of Yap

"Tiger Matthews"  "Dominick Renda"  "Phil Yates"
Ribbon cutting first flight  Honolulu to Guam

Captain "Lennie Sorrenson" - First Officer "Dorothy Clegg" -
Flight Engineer "Karlene Cipriano"
The first ever all female flight crew on a widebody DC-10
August 27   1987

"Tiger Matthews'
With aircraft feuler, Yap

"Judy Wilmore"     "Tiger Matthews"   "Joyce McCulley"

"Tiger Gets Married"
July 4th  1967

"Sandi Gibson"  "Tiger"  "Sid Conrad"  "Elain Williams"

"George and Tiger"
Cargo Bay DC-6

"The Happy Couple"